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Small Business SEO Specialists

small business SEOSmall Business SEO is one of our main areas of expertise. We believe a quality website should not only look the part but should also receive plenty of visitors! The best way to to encourage traffic to your website is to become highly visible to the Search Engines. We can help you with this.

Do I need SEO and can I afford it?

The question you should be asking is can you afford not to have it! You can be sure your competition is using SEO techniques to develop their websites visibility and if you do not pursue an effective marketing and SEO campaign then you are not just giving them an advantage you may as well completely surrender.

Without an effective SEO campaign you are unlikely to receive the amount of traffic you need to your website. Without traffic (potential customers) your website is not fulfilling it’s potential as without potential customers visiting your website you can’t sell anything!

Small Business SEO & Marketing Campaigns

Icon Web Design can provide you with a professionally managed Small Business SEO campaign to meet any reasonable budget. We understand that all business’s do not have masses of spare cash lying around to devote to marketing and we are prepared and capable of running an effective campaign within any reasonable budget.

We can quickly identify your niche in the market and create a marketing campaign to suit your budget which will return dividends. Obviously the larger the budget the higher and quicker you will rank but even with a very modest budget there is still room for maneuver.

On Page Search Engine Optimisation

To start the process of making your website rank higher in the search engines then the first thing to ensure is that your website has correct on page optimisation including correct keyword choice, correct site structure and navigation. If your website was designed by Icon Web Design then rest assured that this has already been done.


Off Page Search Engine Optimisation

After the on page optimisation has been taken care of then the more challenging off page optimisation can start. By the way in case you are wondering on page is what is on your websites pages and off page is what happens on other parts of the web that influence how a search engine evaluates your website.

Link building, directory listing, article marketing, blogging and guest blogging, email marketing, social network marketing including Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin, Google + and You Tube can all be key to an effective search engine optimisation campaign. Icon Web Design have a fantastic track record in all these fields and these are just some of the techniques that we are able to employ.

Link Building


One of the key parts of off page optimisation is building inbound links to your website. In general the more inbound links a website has from quality related website then the more votes your website has to show its popularity and the higher it will rank in the search engines. This is probably one of the most important aspects of SEO and also one of the most difficult. Icon Web Design can forge an effective link building campaign for your business which will see your websites rankings dramatically improve.

This is probably one of the most important aspects of SEO and also one of the most difficult. Icon Web Design can forge an effective link building campaign for your business which will see your websites rankings dramatically improve.

If your website is a commercial or e-commerce website you can imagine that it will be nearly impossible to get links from related websites. Of course most of the related websites are in fact your competitors and they are not going to link to you. Icon Web Design have fantastic resources and the expertise to find new link building opportunities that will help your website climb the search engine rankings and drive traffic (customers) to your website.

white-hat-seoEffective Link Building Techniques

At Icon Web Design we only use techniques that are approved by the search engines or as they are called in the SEO Industry ‘White Hat’ techniques. White Hat SEO will keep your website rankings high without risking being banned and blacklisted by the search engines.

black-hat-seoIcon Web Design does not use shady SEO techniques (Black Hat Techniques) to boost rankings. Black Hat SEO is a very dangerous game and can easily get your website banned by the search engines. We strongly advise against this practice as sooner or later it will come back to haunt you and you will see your ranking disappear overnight.

We would actually go as far to say that a solid SEO campaign that is built up using only White Hat Techniques will always beat a spammy Black Hat SEO campaign. We are sure you would prefer to rank in the top ten for years to come even if it takes a few months to get there rather than number one in the rankings for just a few weeks and never to be seen again.


High Search Engine Rankings

Icon Web Design will design an effective search engine optimisation and marketing campaign which will see your websites rankings soar for their chosen keywords. An effective SEO campaign also needs effective monitoring to see just how well the websites rankings are improving and also how much new traffic is landing on your website.

We provide a comprehensive report to all our clients once a week which includes all relevant fluctuations in the rankings and traffic to your website which of course is essential in quantifying how successful your marketing campaign is. We also provide an analysis of your competitors rankings as well which is a fantastic way to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

So how do I start an SEO Campaign?


Contact the SEO team at Icon Web Design today and let us make high search engine rankings a reality for your business. Call us today for free consultation and let us help you to make your business grow.

On completion of a Free SEO Health Check we will be able to advise you on a cost effective plan of action in line with your marketing budget.

We will identify best keyword usage, any improvements possible for on page SEO factors, inbound links analysis, the reasons your competitors outrank you and much more.

Armed with this information we will be able to create a plan that best suits your budget and will enable us to boost your websites performance and rankings in the search engines.

Broadly speaking it goes without saying that the greater your budget then the faster and more successful the results will be. Depending on your niche market though a relatively small marketing budget is often enough if used wisely.


We have seen the visitors to our website increase from less than 100 per week to over 800 per week in the first year since starting work with the small business SEO team at Icon Web Design. An extremely professional service – we now have 37 first page rankings for competitive keywords on Google, we started with none. Nathan Bruton – Managing Director at Le Breton Recruitment

As an online only business it was of course vital that we generated custom through the search engines. The small business SEO team at Icon have increased the visits to our website from 140 per week to over 700, this has happened within a six month period. I now rank in the top ten with Gooogle for 22 relevant keywords. Richard DeBrett – DeBretts Online Jewellery